Thursday, April 29, 2010

Movie : DUMA

SEMALAM tengok cite ni kat astro, DUMA tajuk die. best giler cite ni. sedih sesangat. aku tak pernah tengok cite ni tapi baca2 kat internet cite ni dah ade sejak tahun 2005 lagi. hahaha rupanye dah lama cite ni kan.hehehe sampai menangis aku tengok cite ni.teringat dekat kucing aku "belang" dulu. ayah aku buang die dulu pasal die selalu muntah kat sofa semua. bunyi mcm kejam kan tapi ayah aku tak lah kejam cuma mungkin masa tu, itu je jalan yg die terpikir. masa tu aku kecik lagi kan mcm x pandai sgt nak pikir la mcm mana nak tolong "belang". actually nama "belang" tu sebab badan die belang2. lepas tu ayah aku gi buang die jauh tau. esoknye die boleh balik umah lagi, memang betul2 amazing!!! mcm mana kucing boleh ingat jalan nak balik umah. lepas tu sakit die tak ok2 jugak. hai kalau skrg ni aku dah bawak gi klinik dah. ayah aku buang die lagi sekali. lepas tu die dah tak balik dah. tak tahu la rasanye mesti die dah mati, sbb kalau die tak mati aku confirm die akan balik. sedih gile lah boleh menangis aku kalau teringat kat "belang". tu sebabnye aku dah tak nak ade haiwan peliharaan lagi sbb tak nak lalui benda yg sama lagi sekali. memang x dpt dinafikan lah kalau kita ada haiwan peliharaan ni, i mean kalau kita bela dr kecil memang ade kasih sayang antara tuan ngan haiwan tu. walaupun antara manusia dan haiwan. mcm cite ni lah. memang pikir2 balik mcm mana lah haiwan boleh ader perasan macam tu pada manusia kan? memang pelik dan unik. kalau manusia maybe tak pelik lah sebab kita ade perasaan, otak, hati semua kan. maybe haiwan pun memang ade perasan walaupun otak mereka tak macam manusia kan. memang rasanye cite ni berjaya menunjukkan kehebatan hubungan antara manusia ngan haiwan. dah la cheetah lagi tu bukan calang2 haiwan kan? haiwan liar yg kita sendiri tahu memang bahaya utk kita dekat. tapi disebalik ganas nye haiwan ni tapi still ade perasaan tu yg best tu. kepada yg belum tengok tu mungkin astro akan ulang balik cite ni dlm masa terdekat ni jadi rajin2 lah tengok channel 411 ek. eh 411 ke? rasanye lah...Selamat Menonton

Lawak gile masa scene Rip pakaikan Duma topi ni...memang sebijik nampak mcm die kucing pulak..nak main2 pulak Rip kang kena ngap kan...hehehe

The Story :

Set in the exotic country of South Africa, Duma tells the powerful adventure tale of an unbreakable bond of friendship between a cheetah named Duma and a courageous young boy named Xan (ALEXANDER MICHALETOS). Xan faces the true test of love when he must cross the wilds of Southern Africa to return his best friend to his rightful home.

When Xan and his father Peter (CAMPBELL SCOTT) come across an orphaned cheetah cub, they name their new friend "Duma," the Swahili name for cheetah, and he quickly becomes a member of the family. But when Duma is almost fully grown, to Xan's dismay, his father tells him that it's time to take his friend to his real home before he grows too old to survive in his native habitat. As Peter says, "Duma has to live the life he was born to - or he'll never be fully alive."

Xan reluctantly agrees, but their plans must be put on hold when his father suddenly falls ill and Xan and his mother (HOPE DAVIS) must move to Johannesburg. When Duma escapes and pays a disastrous visit to Xan's school, the two of them must flee the city to keep Duma from being put into captivity.

Not knowing where to go, Xan gets an idea - he'll carry out the plan his dad had outlined, taking Duma home to a safe and lush place hundreds of miles across South Africa, over the scorching Makgadikgadi Salt Pans, through the Okavango Delta and into the Erongo Mountains.

Before long, Xan is piloting his dad's motorcycle with Duma riding shotgun in the sidecar, the wind whipping through his fur, as the two friends speed across the barren desert and into the wildest adventure of both their lives.

Seeking the comfort of the only shade for miles, the shadow cast by the remains of an airplane wreck, they are confronted by Rip (EAMONN WALKER), a mysterious drifter on a journey of his own. While Xan isn't at all that sure he can trust Rip, he has to admit that he's going to need some help along the way...and Duma makes for a pretty menacing bodyguard.

With some engineering know-how and a parachute from the downed plane, the motorcycle is transformed into an ingenious desert sailboat, and Xan, Rip and Duma are soon racing at breakneck speed across the scorched flats on the power of the wind, until they encounter the untraversable scrub brush of the Kalahari desert and must abandon their craft.

Entering the lush jungles of the Okavango Delta, Xan finds himself surrounded by danger - lions roaring in the distance, crocodiles gliding beneath the furious rapids of the Thamalakane river, and deadly poisonous creatures crawling through the foliage. But it's far too late to turn back now.

Drawing nearer to the Erongo Mountains where he and Duma must finally part, Xan knows that they will face a final test, and discover if Duma is ready to live the life he was born to.

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